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The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss items of interest to
the East Kingdom of the SCA. The mailing list is not run by SCA, Inc,
nor the East Kingdom. It is not an official anything.

There is a sister list, SCA-East-Announce, which you can subscribe to
if you want to see announcements but not discussion. Anything on the
announce list is automatically copied to the main list.

Please read the following completely. *** Membership in the list means you have agreed to abide by these guidelines. ***


This mailing list was created to be a place where people from all over the kingdom could easily communicate with each other and share information.

Unfortunately, there was a period where the list had become a toxic and unpleasant place. Those days are past.

You are expected to act on this list as you would as a guest in someone
else's living room. Treat each other with respect and courtesy. If
you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't say it here. If your
parent(s) / parental figure would be embarrassed by you saying it, don't.

Don't be a jerk.

Don't be the person who has to weigh in on everything; don't be the
person who only talks about one subject, and does that even when
nobody else is interested.

Don't post for the sake of posting. Have something relevant to say,
please. This list can be extremely high volume, and we all appreciate
a good level of signal-to-noise.

Sometimes it's not WHAT you said, it's HOW you said it. Please keep your tone civil even in disagreement.

If you find that there are only two or three people in a discussion,
or if it drifts off of SCA or East Kingdom topics, please take it to
private email.

If you have a complaint about a particular person or institution, you
should have already complained TO that person or institution first.
Then consider whether it's an appropriate topic here.

Personal attacks are right out. Feel free to have spirited discussions
-- but if you step over the line, descend into ad hominem attacks or
insults, I will warn you, and then I will ban you.

And when all else fails, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. If someone says
something outrageous and rude, hold yourself above it. Do not
acknowledge it, do not respond to it. Your opinion of them is low
enough - do not bring yourself down to that level as well.

If it becomes clear that a subscriber is detracting from the online community, they will receive a warning from the list admin. If the behavior continues, the owner of the list will take action to moderate or remove subscribers. This is done (or not) at the sole discretion of the list owner, as rarely as possible, and with the utmost reluctance.

This is a list of friendly, reasonable and intelligent people. Posters are expected to behave as adults, regardless of age. Flames are Right Out - take it to private mail if you really must. If someone offends you, the best way to address them is in private mail.


Quote only enough of other posts for context. A "From" at the top and prefix (often ">") indented text is the norm. Trim extraneous text from the message you're quoting. Try to use line lengths of 80 characters or less.

Avoid off topic posts (including virus alerts etc). If you feel you must post them, please 1) consider WHY you want to post something off topic and whether it's appropriate; 2) make sure the content is of some interest to people in the SCA, and 3) mark it as off topic in the subject line. Do not post chain letters of any type to the list.

Private jokes, running jokes, puns, side conversations, etc, should be kept to an absolute minimum. They can be extremely annoying after the first one or two, and are boring to the other 99% of the list members. Take the conversation to private mail if you want to continue.

If you change the topic of the message, change the subject line.

Postings to the list should be in plain text if at all possible. If you're unsure how to make this change in your mail program, please use the following URL: . Attachments of large files are not allowed - please post a URL instead.

Announcements of non-SCA events/meetings/lectures that are of direct relevance to the activities and interests of historical re-creation are welcome. No announcements should be posted more often than every 2-3 weeks. Corrections or updates to an announcement are exempted, but use common sense on this.

If the discussion is on-topic but is generating a huge volume of mail, I will ask that it be moved to the adjunct mailing list, sca-east-special. That alows people who wish to continue to do so without drowing the other list members in unwanted email.

As a subscriber to the list, you must be able to receive admin messages from me, sent from my primary account at This is a requirement for membership on the list.


Many discussion topics are cyclical, and if you are around long enough you'll see the same topics showing up again and again. Some of these topics are extremely sensitive, and are frequently the SCA equivilent of pro-choice/anti-abortion arguments where there's no way to 'win'.

1. The Time Period Covered by the SCA
- Pre 17th C only, or is the cut-off 1650?
- Is there an early period cut-off like the Fall of Rome, or does anything go pre-17th C (or 1650, see above)?

2. The Geography Covered by the SCA
- Western Europe only, or should/is Eastern Europe/Middle East/Asia [be] considered fair game?

There are good arguments on both sides because the Society *itself* is not consistent about which side of the argument they fall on. The governing docs say Western Europe, and yet TI
publishes articles on Roman, Persian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, and Mongol topics, the website links to resources for them, and peerages have been given in every kingdom for excellence in these fields of study. The charter says pre-17th C, but you will find other docs that say 600-1600 or 1650. Who's right and who is wrong? You won't be able to come to a firm convincing conclusion because there is too much evidence on both sides, and it's become a judgement call and area of personal philosophy.

Live and let live, and remember: "What is hateful to you, do not do to others." That includes flaming them, insulting them, etc. If the topic gets out of hand, I will shut it down. The SCA is built on tolerance, and on these topics, everyone's going to need to brush up on that.

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